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Paint Information
Jan 24, 2018

Paint English name: paint or coating. Paint is a chemical compound coating that can be firmly covered on the surface of objects, protecting, decorating, marking and other special applications. Chinese paint industry authoritative "paint technology" book is defined as: "paint is a material that can be coated with different construction techniques in the surface of the object, the formation of strong adhesion, with a certain intensity, continuous The film so formed is known as a film, also known as a paint film or coating.

Coating materials generally by film, filler (pigment), solvents, additives and other four parts. Depending on performance requirements, the ingredients may change slightly, such as varnish without pigments and fillers, no solvent in powder coatings.

Belongs to the organic chemical polymer material, the coating film formed belongs to the type of polymer compound. In accordance with the modern classification of chemical products, paint is a fine chemical products. Modern coating is gradually becoming a multi-functional engineering materials, is an important industry in the chemical industry.

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