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Metallic Paint
Jan 25, 2018

Metallic Paint, English name metallic Paint, Metallic paint is a kind of room temperature curing coating with fine metal particles in the lacquer base, and it is a kind of automobile topcoat which is popular at present. In its paint base with fine aluminum particles, light shot to the aluminum particles, but also by the aluminum particles through the paint film reflected.

Metal paint, also known as metal flash paint, in its paint base with fine metal powder (such as aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.), light to the metal powder, and through the film is reflected. So it looked as if the metal was shining. This metal glitter paint gives people a pleasant, brisk, novel feeling, changing the shape and size of the metal powder, you can control the flash of metal flashing paint film; Outside the metal paint, usually with a layer of varnish to protect.

Metal paint is generally water-based and solvent-based two kinds. Although water-based paint environmental protection is good, but the metal powder in the water and air instability, often chemical reaction and metamorphism, so its surface needs special treatment, resulting in water-based paint in the price of metal powder is expensive, the use of limited, the current metal paint mainly solvent-based, according to the different paint base resin, Solvent-type metal paint including acrylic metal paint, fluorocarbon metal paint.

The main application area of metal paint is the automobile industry. Spraying the metal paint on the outside of the car, not only can make the surface after the coating of the plate to look more shiny, and at different angles, due to the refraction of light, will make the car color, and even the contours will change. Making the car look more rich and interesting, this is one of the reasons why "metal paint" is becoming more and more common.

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Compared with the automobile metal paint and the common paint, it is known that the metal paint can show the body level beauty in addition to its high hardness. "Metal paint" is becoming more and more common another reason is that it mixed with metal powder, with metal components, so the hardness of the paint is increased, the surface hardening, it is not easy to be scratched.

Some common paint (plain paint) is not metal paint, the most typical color is white, black, big red, and yellow; not to say that these colors of paint can not add silver powder, but added silver powder, the appearance of the color is not the original, White will become Pearl white, Black will become a bright "carbon black", Red will become the so-called "wine red", and yellow will become a sparkling "golden".

No metal powder to add the plain paint, the hardness of the paint will be relatively soft, not only high-speed driving by the road bouncing off the flying stone hit, the paint surface is more prone to peeling. Moreover, the car in plain paint when cleaning must not be directly to dry cloth or wet cloth to wipe, absolutely to use a large number of water first to wash away the dust attached to the surface of the car, so that the cloth will not touch the body, let the hard gray sand have the opportunity to scratch the car paint.

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Metal Paint is a two-component room temperature curing coating, of which a component by the paint base resin, high-quality pigments and fillers, auxiliaries and other components, Group B is divided into curing agents.

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The main characteristics of metal paint: Film tenacity, strong adhesion, with a strong anti-ultraviolet, corrosion resistance and high fullness, can comprehensively improve the coating's service life and self-cleaning.

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Applicable to metal, wood, plastic, building outside the wall cover protection, can also be epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic series, such as paint cover protection decoration.

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