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European Titanium Dioxide Supply Reduce Downstream Paint Printing And Dyeing Ink Industry Recovery
Jan 23, 2018

About titanium dioxide, the domestic market is the ebb and flow. Europe's titanium dioxide has been more persistent than its domestic market.

Speaking of European titanium dioxide, can not help but think of this year has provoked the global industry concern about the "titanium dioxide carcinogenic" incident. However, after the calm, the European market for titanium dioxide is still wayward rise, demand remains tense. So, "titanium dioxide carcinogenic" is also a joke.

It is understood that European titanium dioxide industry insiders said that Europe's supply of titanium dioxide has never been eased, the market price growth will always remain until the first quarter of 2018, according to previous calculations, by the basic supply constraints, the price per ton of titanium dioxide is expected to rise 100 euros.

As opposed to the domestic market for titanium dioxide, some European buyers are clearly aware that there is no room for manoeuvre. As a result of the downstream printing and dyeing ink market demand expansion, paint market is also slow recovery, driven by profits, the rise has no suspense. From a buyer of titanium dioxide from the downstream paint industry, they are negotiating imports of titanium dioxide from Asia to meet their needs because of a 2018-year supply decline.

European titanium dioxide supply reduced

By the first half of 2016, DuPont, Stone, Huntsman, Thenault, such as a few levels of large-scale titanium dioxide production enterprises have announced a reduction of more than 400,000 tons of impact, the European titanium dioxide market has been severely strained. According to the wisdom of the chemical network, European titanium dioxide market supply is still tight, almost no relief, the momentum of price increases are expected to remain until the first quarter of 2018.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the market price of titanium dioxide in Europe has reached € 2690-2950/ton.

European coatings Market recovers

Italy is Europe's third largest paint and paint market, the market is very dispersed, it is difficult to obtain reliable data. However, the existing data show that the building coating is showing a rising trend, especially the wall decoration paint. Market experts estimate that there are nearly 600 building decoration paint manufacturers, including micro-enterprises and large multinational companies.

Whether it is European titanium dioxide, or domestic titanium dioxide, the rise of the initial fuse are huntsman once titanium dioxide business. The difference is that the domestic just in time to catch up with environmental protection supervision, titanium dioxide production is limited, the price rose quickly and violently but there is no lack of the heart of roasted seeds, but the domestic paint market relative to the European market is not so large digestion capacity. European Titanium is a result of a recovery in the European paint market, which accounts for 10% of Europe's demand for titanium dioxide, and a profound impact on the rebound in the markets for Huntsman Europe.

Huntsman's Titanium white powder factory

The supply of titanium dioxide in Europe has become strained as a result of the fire at the venator of the white powder factory in early 2017. In March 2017, the plant recovered a small portion of its capacity and will resume full capacity by the end of 2018, according to Huntsman.

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