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Solution to high water content of ground floor paint construction
Sep 19, 2017

  Solution to high water content of ground floor paint construction

  Epoxy floor paint construction base surface concrete moisture content is generally not higher than 8%, too high water content will seriously affect the construction quality of epoxy flooring, will make the floor of the film adhesion, surface bubble, delamination and other phenomena, so it is not suitable for construction.

  Foaming and shedding of epoxy floor on base surface

  Dry, flat, a certain roughness of the ground is the best construction base. What happens to the concrete base surface with high water content?

  Waterproof layer

  For the high moisture content, and the rising trend of moisture content of the concrete base, need to do professional waterproof layer, to prevent late water seepage and lead to the failure of the floor.

  Keep the construction site ventilated

  To maintain the ventilation condition in the construction site, the circulation of air can accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the concrete base surface, which is helpful to improve the adhesion of epoxy floor paint and base surface.


  Increasing the temperature of concrete base surface can accelerate the evaporation of water. It is recommended that air heating or radiation heating should not be used to heat the ignition source, floor paint because the heating of fire source will increase the temperature of fog in the air, so that water vapor condenses in concrete.

  Moisture permeable System

  Moisture permeability System has a very high water transmittance, can ensure that the substrate moisture through the coating to escape, to avoid the coating bubble off, suitable for the basic surface can not be installed waterproof layer. floor paint Epoxy resin water-based Environmentally friendly flooring has a good water permeability, suitable for relatively humid basements, food plants and other special places. The condition of the enterprise before the construction if necessary or as far as possible to install professional waterproof layer, to prevent future epoxy floor problems.

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