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The difference between roller coating, brush coating and spraying of floor paint
Sep 19, 2017

  The difference between roller coating, brush coating and spraying of floor paint

  Most of the construction staff know that epoxy flooring paint is rolled, painted, sprayed three ways, but the advantages of these three ways, the difference and in what way to choose which construction method is relatively good but few people can speak clearly.

  Now, let's give you a concrete talk about the three methods of construction.

  Roll Coating method

  Roll coating, is a kind of different types of rollers to the floor paint to the surface of the floor, thus playing a decorative effect of a floor coating construction method.

  Generally divided into roll coating, art roll coating and mechanical rolling three categories, which use the most is roll coating.

  The advantages of roller coating: Convenient operation, simple construction, time saving, labor efficiency, high quality of floor paint film, no pollution, suitable for large-scale floor construction;

  Roll coating disadvantage: not suitable for complex objects and advanced decoration in the finishing.

  Brush Coating method

  Brush coating is the use of steamed knife or brush to carry out the construction, this completely by hand and experience to control. After the floor paint material is poured down on the ground, the tilt of the knife must be controlled by hand. Then scrape the ground with a tool. Just start slowly, and so on after proficiency can speed up the scraping.

  The advantages of brush coating: paint surface has texture, pattern, beautiful degree is good, the maintenance of later convenience.

  Brush Coating's shortcoming: The construction speed is relatively slow, the effect of large area brush coating is different from the shade, the brush in the lamp groove, has the difference of texture.

  Spraying method

  Spraying is through the spray gun or saucer-type atomizer, with the help of pressure or centrifugal force, the floor paint dispersed into a uniform and fine droplets, applied to the surface of a coating method.

  Spraying can be divided into air spraying, no air spraying, electrostatic spraying and the above several kinds of spraying forms of various derivative methods, such as large-flow low pressure spray spraying, thermal spraying, eye-moving spraying, many sets of spraying and so on.

  Spraying advantages: Spraying work efficiency is high, applicable to manual operations and industrial automation production, wide range of applications, including hardware, plastics, furniture, military, shipbuilding and other fields.

  Spraying equipment has spray gun, spray room, paint room, curing furnace/drying furnace, spraying workpiece conveying equipment, fog and waste water, waste gas treatment equipment.

  Disadvantages of spraying: the main problem of spraying is that highly dispersed paint mist and volatile solvents pollute the environment and cause harm to human health.

  Understanding of the floor paint of these three types of construction, in order to be in the construction of the floor paint in combination with the specific conditions of construction to choose the most suitable way of construction.

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