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Flooring paint needs environmental protection and wear-resisting coexistence
Sep 19, 2017

  Flooring paint needs environmental protection and wear-resisting coexistence

  The floor paint was first used in the industrial building, however, because of the wide application of the floor paint, with a strong wear resistance and color, and easy to clean, cheap, so many places are generally used different floor paint to decorate, the requirements of the floor paint more and more attention.

  Now the use of floor paint is so wide, and people say that the level of quality requirements are also improving, so the environmental issues of flooring paint is more and more attention. So in the selection of floor paint when a lot of people will pay attention to the product health and environmental issues, formaldehyde content and harm to the human body, is the concern of the people. We produce floor paint are in line with national security standards, no solvents, no pollution, no odor, even if the inevitable amount of formaldehyde in the human body to accept the scope, to ensure that non-toxic.

  There are many large-scale places to use the floor paint, such as the parking lot floor paint, workshop floor paint, floor paint, etc. are more attention to the floor paint wear resistance. If the use of poor wear-resistant products, the ground adhesion is not strong enough, then the major machine vehicles to crush the past will easily lead to the floor paint or even fall off. Therefore, we produce floor paint in the wear-resistant aspect is also quite stressed, sealed dust-proof, hardened wear-resistant, in the floor paint process and construction process are very fastidious, layered smear, using different materials tools, to ensure that the floor paint beautiful and durable, wear-resistant.

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