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Water paint enterprises
Jan 27, 2018

The development of water paint in our country has gone through more than 20 years of arduous course, it is difficult to form scale. Since last year, with the national and local environmental protection policies increasingly stringent, enterprises on the water Paint research and development of continuous investment, the relevant technical difficulties have gradually been breached, as well as the promotion of consumer awareness, water paint market environment greatly improved, ushered in a huge development opportunity period.

In recent years, China has issued a number of coatings industry environmental regulations, emphasizing the reduction of VOC emissions, encourage the promotion of the use of water paint and other environmentally friendly coatings, the development of green industry. 2016 this time issued the "key industries Volatile Organic reduction Action Plan", clear paint industry's main task is to promote water paint and other green paint products. There are also 2017 years of the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "fixed source of pollutant discharge license Classification Management Directory (2017 edition)", stipulates that by 2020, "pollution permits" list of sewage units should obtain permits to permit sewage disposal. Water paint and solvent-based coatings have a lot of environmental advantages. As the use of water as a solvent, not only save a lot of data, but also reduce the pollution of the atmosphere-water paint using only a small amount of low toxic alcohols ether organic solvents. In contrast to the environmental pollution of solvent-based coatings is much more serious, water paint in line with environmental law standards, policy dividend and public awareness of environmental protection to promote the development of water-based paint.

Since Thirteen-Five, science and technology and environmental protection has become a topic of coating industry, and how should we use technology to promote the development of environmental protection? The answer is: our business, in addition to what it has advertised, in environmental protection coatings, especially water-based paint on the force, but also should actively coordinate the downstream enterprises in the production process of energy-saving and emission reduction work, ready for practical solutions, otherwise it will be a number of interested people to publicize the water pollution after the impact of waterborne paint. At present, the relatively good plan is to collect the collected water after the collection of flocculation agent precipitation, filtered emissions, residue as solid waste is relatively easy to deal with, less impact on the environment.

Furthermore, with the promotion of environmental awareness of consumers, especially the state of the VOC content ≥420g/l 4% consumption tax policy, the traditional solvent-based coatings enterprises will speed up to the water, powder and other environmentally friendly coatings to upgrade the pace of change, energy-saving and environmental protection paint industry will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development. It is expected that in the next five years, the market share of water paint can reach 20%.

Thoroughly solve the pain of the development of coatings industry, realize the environmental protection of enterprises Green Environmental protection is China's paint industry development direction. In the future, water paint enterprises should pay attention to technology research and development innovation, reduce the cost of water paint, strengthen the popularization of water painting knowledge, as well as the training of the operator construction technology, and strive for the support of coating distributors and coating workers to meet the important opportunity period of bigger and stronger.

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