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Art Paint Spring series: the source of the resurgence of this round
Jan 26, 2018

November 21-22nd, "2017 Chinese art Paint Carnival" officially opened the curtain in Chengdu, Sichuan. As the annual event of the domestic art paint, "Art paint Carnival" is a microcosm of the vigorous development of Chinese art paint, the scene full of scenes shows the whole art of paint market, in order to let people inside and outside the industry to fully understand the entire art coating market.


Relevant institutions predict that the next 10-20 years, the art of coating market will continue to grow fast, high profitability of the development trend, the demand will exceed the billion-tier.

And the source of the resurgence of this round of art paint, you can set the key time point for the November 2014 China Coating Industry Association Art Paint Coating branch of the establishment.

Thanks to the upgrading of China's consumption environment, personalized, quality of the consumer demand for continuous release, art paint gradually favored by consumers, showing a huge development space. So after 4 years of preparation, in order to better resources integration, complementary advantages, speed up development, promote the arts and coatings enterprises to do a strong, art paint coating branch in China Coating Industry association under the guidance of homeopathy. In the promotion of the association, art paint as a subdivision category in the first half of 2015 began to appear frequently in the field of paint industry.


2015, when the Chinese paint market is "aihongbianye", environmental protection policy crackdown, real estate downturn, labor costs rise, fierce competition in the market ... These factors led to China's private coatings enterprises in the past year's sales of sharp decline or slowdown, the first of the first is "home paint." But at the same time, "Art paint" presents another picture.

After more than 10 years of market precipitation, art paint in 2015 ushered in a concentrated outbreak. Bades and other major brand manufacturers have launched the art of paint. In addition, foreign art paint brands such as Italy Novacolor (Nova) also killed into the Chinese market, to compete for the market cake.

In addition, from the industry level, the newly established China Coating Industry Association Art Paint Coating Branch also gave the art of coating a wider range of promotion and space.

November 26, 2015, the Chinese Coating Industry association, China Coating Industry Association Art Paint Coating Branch in Shunde jointly held the first "Art Paint Design Application Summit Forum", which is also the "Art Paint Carnival" predecessor. In this summit forum, China Coating Industry Association president Sun Lianying said: "In the current two times decoration upsurge, art paint has become an indispensable element in the heavy coating plate, the future development space will be unlimited." And with the vigorous development of art paint, the era of private paint custom has been opened the curtain. ”


In addition, in the association and the efforts of many enterprises, December 8, 2015, by the SHUNDE coating Standards Union submitted by the Union standard: q/sd30-2015 "building water art paint Harmful substances Limited" officially through the record, this is the industry's art coating product standards to promote efforts to make, To effectively control unqualified products flooded with art coatings market, at the same time to the raw materials, production enterprises to do a unified standard, will greatly promote the art of coating towards the direction of standardization.

And because of the bright prospect of artistic paints, August 2017, Shunde paint Chamber of Commerce to the government to build "art paint industrial Park" in Shunde, Shunde paint Chamber of Commerce President Hu Jingchen said, "Shunde Art Paint Industrial Park" is located in Shunde Apricot altar, covers an area of 200 acres, Investment of about 180 million yuan, the annual output value of about 123 billion yuan, the construction of the content includes maternity ward, business Exchange Center, training classrooms, etc., to introduce 50-60 art coatings enterprises settled in. Hu Jingchen believes that the Shunde art paint enterprises to focus on building an efficient and intensive art paint industrial park is to build a good production research and development base, painting training base, Exchange display base, and then the Shunde art paint brand to play the national art paint the iconic regional brand of the inevitable choice.

At this point, in the industry associations with the efforts of many enterprises, art coatings development of the market atmosphere and reference standards of the framework has been basically built up. followed by the complete explosion of art paint.

Of course, the complete eruption of this round of art paint has one of the most important factors to mention, that is a large influx of art paint manufacturers to the entire construction personnel market cultivation. According to incomplete statistics, not including textured paint and diatom mud, the current Chinese market can be counted on the art of paint brands have more than 180. In fact, it may be far more than this number, some industry people say I am afraid of thousands of brands. Because there are so many manufacturing enterprises to transform or add new art paint category, and timely launch of various forms of art and paint training activities to promote the art of coating technology popularization. Perfect technical training system as well as the completion of the assessment certification, so that each painter has the art of painting the process of quality and knowledge, than the traditional paint category field painter a lot higher. This for art paint painter brought a lot of economic benefits at the same time, but also let art paint coating field into a terminal oiler scramble to enter the market area, and thus promote the entire art paint market hot.

After the promotion of multiple factors, into the Chinese market 20 years of art paint is really ushered in the development of the "Spring", although many of the art of paint manufacturers are still facing a difficult problem, but the art of paint demand release this pot of cold water is already burning, as for the manufacturers can in this pot of hot water dumplings full belly, You can see the skill!

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