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Type Of Wood Paint
Jan 17, 2018

Nitro Varnish. Nitrocellulose varnish is a kind of transparent paint which is made of nitrocellulose, alkyd resin, plasticizer and organic solvent. It is a volatile paint, which has the characteristics of fast drying and soft luster. Nitro-varnish is divided into high gloss, semi-matte and matte three, according to the needs of choice. Nitrocellulose lacquer also has its shortcomings: high humidity, white weather easily, low fullness, low hardness.

Hand sweeping paint is a kind of nitro varnish, which is a non-transparent varnish made of nitrocellulose, various synthetic resins, pigments and organic solvents. This paint is specially formulated for manual construction, more quick-drying characteristics. 2. The main auxiliary nitro paint

That water, it is a colorless, transparent liquid with a banana smell, which is a mixture of organic solvents such as esters, alcohols, benzene and ketones. Mainly from the nitro paint and curing effect. White water, also known as anti-Whitewater, the name of ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. In wet weather construction, the film will have a whitish phenomenon, appropriate to join the diluent dose of 10 ~ 15% of nitro-magnetized white water can be eliminated.

Fold polyester paint

Polyester paint. It is made of polyester resin as the main film made of a thick paint. Polyester paint film fullness, hard layer thickness. Polyester varnishes also have varnish varieties, called polyester varnish.

Polyester paint curing process needs to be done, the weight of these curing agents accounted for one-third of the total weight of the paint. These curing agents are also referred to as hardeners and their main component is TDI (toluene diisocyanate / toluene diisocyanate). These TDIs, which are in a free state, turn yellow, not only yellowing the furniture paint, but also yellowing the adjacent walls. This is a major disadvantage of polyester paints. The market has emerged resistance to yellowing polyester paint, but it can only do yellow only, but can not do to completely prevent the yellowing of the situation. In addition, free TDI beyond the standard will cause harm to the human body. Free TDI harm to the human body mainly sensitization and stimulation, including pain caused by tearing, conjunctival hyperemia, cough and chest tightness, shortness of breath, red papules, rash, allergic contact dermatitis and other symptoms. The international limit of free TDI is controlled below 0.5%.

Folded polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint. Polyurethane paint or polyurethane paint. It is tough film, shiny fullness, strong adhesion, water and abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance. Is widely used in advanced wood furniture, can also be used for metal surfaces. The main shortcomings of foam, paint powder and other issues, and polyester paint, it also has the problem of yellowing. Polyurethane varnish varnish varieties known as polyurethane varnish. UV wood paint UV curing wood paint. It uses UV light curing, is the latest trend of the 21st century paint. Product curing speed, usually 3-5 seconds to cure and dry. Products do not contain formaldehyde, benzene and TDI, the real green. Construction methods are: spraying, brushing, roller coating, coating and so on. Because of the chemical crosslinking curing, the film performance is excellent, in addition due to the high solid content (typically> 95%) so fullness is not comparable to other general types of paint. Disadvantages: Need professional equipment before curing.

Features brief description

1. Phenolic paint drying fast, high hardness, water resistance, abrasion resistance, but more brittle, easy to yellow.

2. Nitrocellulose that wax grams, fast drying, hard film, wear-resistant and clear wood, but the fullness of the paint film is poor.

3. Alcohol ester paint construction convenient, solid attachment, bright plump, commonly used in doors and windows, railings and other outdoor wood products, steel structure of the coating. However, its coating film is relatively soft, poor water resistance, should not be used for the floor, desktop.

4. Unsaturated polyester paint has the advantage of fullness, fast drying, suitable for industrial production lines.

5. Polyurethane paint has excellent hardness, toughness and wear resistance, and decorative, but with TDI.

Fold water-based wood lacquer

Water-based paint is water as a diluent coating. Water-based paint, including water-soluble paint, water-soluble paint, water-dispersible paint (latex paint) 3 species. The production of water-based wood lacquer is a simple physical mixing process. Water-based wood paint with water as solvent without any harmful volatile, is the safest and most environmentally friendly furniture paint. However, due to the coating effect and coating process and other factors, water-based furniture paint in the domestic market share is still low, but its concept of low-carbon green furniture paint the future direction of development. Believe that with the continuous improvement of technology, the application of water-based furniture paint will be more and more widely.

The difference between waterborne wood paint and oily wood paint

Relatively higher hardness of oily paint, fullness better, but the water-based paint more environmentally friendly.

Oily paint is usually used in organic solvents, commonly known as "days of water" or "banana water", polluting, but also can burn. Visible water-based paint and oil paint in the environment and health are essentially different. Water-based wood paint is the technical difficulty of wood coatings and technology content of the highest products. Water-based wood lacquer with its non-toxic environmental protection, odorless, very few volatile, non-flammable non-explosive high security, not yellowing, brushing area, etc., with people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more by the market Welcome.

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