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Floor paint coating leakage of the hazards
Sep 19, 2017

  Floor paint coating leakage of the hazards

  (1) in the floor paint coating, drying or curing process tends to be defects, concealing air or solvent, and in the coating to form holes or bubbles;

  (2) when the coating is dry, the air or solvent migration caused by pinholes and bubbles; coated surface irregular, uneven will also cause the coating in the small points or holes;

  (3) after painting the physical damage, such as scratches, etc., these are the cause of leakage.

  When there is leakage coating, corrosive media such as oil, water, acid, gas, etc. through the pinhole or hole into the coating inside and even the matrix, so that the coating lost shielding effect, resulting in filamentous corrosion, weaken the surrounding protective layer. If not repaired in time, Floor paint these areas will become a local corrosion and corrosion process, so that the coating off. For coatings in harsh corrosive environments, such as continuous immersion in the surface of the corrosion of the solvent, check its leakage coating, pinholes and holes is extremely important, can be found in time loopholes, timely remediation to ensure the quality of painting.

  How to test the floor paint coating leakage coating

  For most nonconductive coatings with a total dry film thickness ≤ 20 mil (508), a low voltage, wet sponge leak test instrument is required; for non-conductive coatings with a total dry film thickness> 20 mil (508 absurd) or Insulation coating need to use high-voltage leakage tester, sparks leaking instrument.

  The working principle of the two are the same, the instrument directly or indirectly with the matrix contact, Floor paint when the electric shock through the coating surface, the coating of any discontinuity will allow the current flow to the matrix to form a path, then the instrument issued a sound signal, high voltage Sparks appear. When a signal is issued, observe the coating and use an oil-free chalk for repair and re-inspection.

  How to repair the leak coating

  Check the coating or lining leakage coating, should be used to mark the oil-free paint pen leakage area. If there are several leaks on a total area, the entire area is circled. Should be repaired Tu Tu Tu Tu area, a large area of leakage coating area should be re-painted to meet the technical specifications and factory instructions. After the repair layer is fully cured, the leak test should be carried out again. In the case of pinholes, the coating or lining should be removed and re-coated.


  For different varieties of paint, the voltage used should be based on the empirical value, may be appropriate different; especially for ammoniated rubber, vinyl chloride, acrylic and other one-component solvent volatile coatings, Floor paint they are completely dry to form a hard coating requires two Week or longer, different from epoxy and other two-component curing coating, leak test is generally arranged in the whole project after a period of time to complete.

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