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What Kind Of Floor Paint?
Sep 19, 2017

  What kind of floor paint?

  Now the floor paint has appeared in our lives in many places and various factories. such as chemical plants, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, families and libraries. So what kind of floor paint is there? What are the different flooring paints for? Let's have a look together.

  I. What is the floor paint?

  Floor paint is actually a variety of substances, and through a number of processes made of semi-finished products. It is more wear-resisting than the general paint, basically is constructs the ground. However, the result of construction is more and more affected by various factors. For example: temperature, technology, construction methods.

  The composition of the floor paint is mainly divided into: main membrane material, secondary membrane material, auxiliary film material.

  Main membrane material (main base material)

  It is usually polyurethane resin or epoxy resin. The former is the base material of various floor paints, the latter is the main base material of emulsion type exterior wall coating.

  Secondary membrane material

  Secondary membrane material is an essential part of the floor paint, but can not be a separate film. After adding it to the base material, it can make the paint performance better, also can get more varieties of paint.

  Auxiliary film forming material

  The auxiliary film-forming material is not the material of the coating, it plays a role in the construction process and plays the role of auxiliary film-forming. The general dosage is very small, but it cannot be added. and different auxiliary materials can also be paint has different functions.

  Two. Floor Paint type

  Mainly according to the main performance classification of floor paint.

  1 Epoxy Floor Paint

  This kind of coating adhesion strength, can be very good with cement ground adhesion, can be very good resistance to water, alkaline substances and corrosive substances. The main components contain epoxy resin, modified curing agent and so on. This type of paint contains a variety of flooring paint varieties, used in a variety of factories, shopping malls, warehouses, stadiums, parking, etc., there is a large area of cement ground.

  2. Polyurethane Flooring Paint

  The main components are polyether resin, propylene acids ester resin or epoxy resin. Less variety, mainly applicable to the need for flexibility and non-slip function of the site.

  3. Anticorrosive Floor Paint

  This kind of floor paint strength is better, can be very good resistance to corrosive substances. Therefore, more used in some chemical plants, kerosene plants and so on.

  4. Elastic Floor Paint

  This type of floor paint has a very good elasticity, mainly made of elastic polyurethane. More used in sports venues and some workshops, so that people walking, sports more comfortable.

  5. Anti-Static Floor Paint

  In some factories, such as power plants, computer, etc. can not have static electricity, otherwise there will be an accident. This kind of floor paint can solve this problem well. Not only can shield electromagnetic interference, but also to prevent electrostatic dust absorption phenomenon.

  6. Non-slip Floor Paint

  The friction is very big, can be very good non-slip, the application is very wide.

  7. Can load floor paint

  This kind of floor paint anti-impact performance, endurance, wear-resisting performance is good. It is used in the coating of the factory and warehouse of the heavy vehicle.

  With the increasing demand of the society, floor paint has also been developing. It is more humane and diverse. Can not play a non-slip, anti-corrosion and other functions, but also more beautiful, bright, in place decoration also played a lot of role. In short, it is practical and beautiful coexist. can also be used in home landscaping Oh ~

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