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Three Techniques Of Crack Treatment In Epoxy Floor Paint
Sep 19, 2017

  Three techniques of crack treatment in epoxy floor paint

  Common floor Construction base type has concrete ground, cement mortar ground, terrazzo and other ground, with a wide range of sources, low viscosity, good irrigation, good diffusion, easy construction, high mechanical strength, and can resist the most chemical erosion of the concrete epoxy floor paint in the construction process, there may be cracks occurred, Although there are many reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon, but in the prevention and improvement measures are broadly the same, often take the construction seam treatment, temperature stress crack treatment, expansion joint treatment of targeted treatment methods.

  1. Construction seam treatment.

  The construction seam is not a real "seam", which is based on the design requirements or construction needs after pouring concrete beyond the initial coagulation time and the first pouring of the concrete there is a bonding surface.

  2. Temperature stress crack treatment.

  In the concrete floor construction process appears more is the temperature stress crack, the main reason which produces this kind of crack is because of the foundation temperature difference and the concrete inside and outside the temperature difference is too big or because of other causes the stress release, according to the manifestation form different may divide into the surface crack, the deep crack, through the Under certain conditions, floor paint surface cracks will develop into deep cracks, deep cracks will also develop into a penetrating crack, so if the cracks are not repaired in time, will directly affect the decorative effect of epoxy flooring.

  3. Expansion joint treatment.

  According to the structure layout, geological conditions and construction arrangement, construction strength, etc. in the structure of the transverse seam, floor paint in order to meet the requirements of structural deformation, there should be no rigid filler between the seams. Because the expansion joints need to meet the overall building stress changes, so for the expansion of the treatment of elastic materials, outside the laying of metal plate for protection.

  The above mentioned three kinds of epoxy flooring anti-corrosion paint crack mode, expansion joints and construction joints to meet the concrete stress changes and artificially set, floor paint temperature stress crack is due to the concrete itself stress change and attack.

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