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New Product: Sublimation Ink for Offset Printing Machine (SO-A)
Oct 28, 2017

Product Description

  • Model NO.: SO-A

  • Printing Type: Offset Printing

  • Performance: Viscosity

  • Color: Cmyk

  • Base: Oil Based

  • Available Paper: Normal Offset Printer

  • Transfer Temperature: 180-220 C Degree

  • Certificate: Invention Patent, SGS, RoHS, MSDS, Dgm

  • Trademark: TTR

  • Specification: SO-A CMYK

  • HS Code: 3215909000

  • Type: Sublimation Ink

  • Ink Drying: Heated

  • Component: Pigment

  • pH: 6-7

  • Available Printer: Any Offset Printer, Like Heidelberg

  • Final Transfered Material: Fabric, Mug, Aluminum Plate, Tile, etc

  • Transfer Time: 15-30 Seconds

  • Shelf Life: 3 Years

  • Transport Package: 1kg/Tin, 12kg/Carton, Wooden Case for Sea Shipping

  • Origin: China

Sublimation ink for offset printing machine

1. How sublimation ink works?

Under high temperature, the ink will become gas and go into material molecile gap. So, the image will be transferred from paper to materials. It is a kind of gas shading and dyeing.

2. Use Scope

> It is a heat transfer ink, used to transfer image from paper to various materials by heating press, especially for polyester fabric.
> It applies to any single-color, two-color and multi-color offset printing machine which feeds sheet. The printing speed could be low, middle or high speed.
> Normal paper, such as offset paper, chrome paper, coated paper.

3. Advantage

1) No crust

> The ink in tin won't crust in 7 days at normal temperature exposing under air.
> The ink granula is less than 5 um.

2) Widly used

> Garments, clothbags, hats, mouse pad, cup pad, wood floor, window and door, metal plate, glass and others.

3) Safty

> We have pass the SGS, DGM, MSDS, so the products are totally environment friendly.

4) Economic

> To save ink and save money.
1kg can print 400 m2 fabric.

5) Simple to use

> Step 1: Design the image on computer.
> Step 2: Print the image on paper by offset printer.
> Step 3: Transfer the image from paper to fabric by heating press.

6) We have the only Certificate of Invention Patent in China.

4. Attentions

(1)The colour on paper and the colour on fabric are different. Because sublimation ink belongs to gas shading. So the CMYK ratio when making PS-plate is different from normal offset plate-making.
(2)When making the PS-plate, the design should be mirror image, after transferring to fabric, the image will be right.
(3)If transfer image on pure cotton, mug, metal, glass, you should spray a layer of coating on their surface before transferring

Fabric Name            Transfer TemperaturePressureTime
Polyester Fabric205-220 o C0.5kg/cm210-30s
Polyester low flexibility Fabric195-205 o C0.5kg/cm230s
Three-acetate fiber fabric190-200 o C0.5kg/cm230-40s
Nylon Fabric195-205 o C0.5kg/cm230-40s
Acrylic Fabric200-210 o C0.5kg/cm230s
Two-acetate Fabric185 o C0.5kg/cm215-20s
Gather propionitrile Fabric190-220 o C0.5kg/cm210-15s
Color Dying Degree

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