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Exterior Wall Paint On The Wall After The Color Factor
Sep 19, 2017

  Exterior wall paint on the wall after the color factor

  Many people buy the wall paint back after the construction will always be surprising things, such as the common wall after the color is not uniform, Exterior wall paint this is a very serious question, then what factors are formed? Let's look at the following factors.

  1, the first, not the same batch of procurement of external wall paint products will appear color problems, there is the bottom of the wall is not handled properly, resulting in the uneven appearance of the wall color, if the wall paint construction temperature is too low, Then advocate the same wall to a one-time construction is completed, Exterior wall paint if divided into two construction, which will form the wall paint on the wall after the color of doubt.

  2, if the construction time is too long, the use of spraying things longer, will form something blocked, the outer wall paint spray uneven, so that the wall appears flower scene, the formation of color.

  3, the external wall paint too much dilution and the substrate absorption rate is not the same, the formation of non-uniform absorption of paint, the formation of color.

  4, the bottom of the uneven processing, Exterior wall paint due to rough appearance will be a serious impact on the absorption of external walls, the formation of part of the color scene.

  5, the external walls of paint construction in the dilution, the formation of uneven coating, the occurrence of color. And a large area after the completion of construction, a small area repair, the formation of part of the color.

  6, the substrate is too alkaline, will form part of the color. Exterior wall paint So we must use the primer to achieve the role of alkali, the external walls of the construction of things in poor quality, will form uneven brushing, uneven thickness, visual color.

  7, part of the repair, so that the size of the striped hair, the direction of uneven, the occurrence of yin and yang, the formation of visual color. There is the outer wall paint construction dilution, and the two walls are not the same dilution, will form a significant color.

  8, the external wall paint in the construction part of the re-construction, so before and after the two batches will form a color doubt, Exterior wall paint due to the same wall on the use of the same goods twice, and the old wall color will affect the new wall construction site Color difference.

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