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Construction Technique Of Floor Paint For Garage
Sep 19, 2017

  Construction technique of floor paint for garage

  Garage floor paint construction needs to be based on the nature of the use of flooring to select the floor paint, and then combined with the paint floor paint construction skills, make the garage floor to complement each other, and the use of the garage ground has three main scope points:

  Garage Ramp Range

  The garage ramp is the main import and export location of the underground parking garage and the interface between the multi-storey garages, therefore, it bears the heavy friction and thermal energy produced by the car uphill and downhill, however, the ground of the range does not have the targeted floor construction defense, it is easy to make the ground sand dust, wear serious degree, When the garage ramp is seriously worn out, the ground roughness affects the appearance, as well as the need for excellent non-slip effect, so as to improve the safety index of the car on the ramp!

  For the above analysis summed up, the location of the garage ramp can consider the use of epoxy orange grain stop slippery floor, because the epoxy orange stop slippery floor has the super high temperature resistance, the floor paints the film toughness is good, this then very well solves when the automobile on the downhill, the steam wheel brakes brings the friction, the heat energy and the damage ground, moreover the orange grain effect is obvious, With high quality non-slip effect, improve the safety effect of the garage ramp.

  Floor paint construction Tips for garage ramps:

  (1) Cleaning the ramp base, must be the basic surface of the oil, dust, gravel and other clean and clean, and potholes defect, pit hole is handled perfect.

  (2) for a certain slope of the garage ramp area, floor paint construction needs very good control of the lower slope, if the floor paint has a strong fluidity, it is easy to make the thickness of the film is uneven, so in the garage ramp floor paint construction needs to be well set out the range.

  (3) The construction of floor paint with clean and clean ground water and permeable primer, waterproof layer can be very good to prevent the change in air temperature, the problem of their own tide, to prevent the floor paint film blowing up blisters; the penetration of the primer is a good way to change the structure of the concrete, strengthen the density of the ground.

  (4) to completely dry the bottom coating for the middle layer paint construction, the step is to thicken the thickness of the floor paint film, so that the impact force, friction and heavy pressure can be divergent and bear, and improve the existence of the defects problem.

  (5) The last is painted on the opposite side of epoxy orange stop slippery floor paint construction, using the NAP drum pull out the size of the orange effect, enhance the garage ramp non-slip performance, and to achieve beautiful decorative.

  2, the Garage driving lane range

  The driveway of the garage is the second commonly used range, need to have a strong skid-proof performance, and in the course of the ride without a strong sense of vibration, to avoid affecting customer experience, epoxy mortar gravel floor is intimate choice. Mortar increased the roughness of the floor, has excellent non-slip effect, and gravel delicate, with the orange grain stop slippery floor comparison, vibration shock feeling is lower, color match bright, have frosted illusion of vision fruit.

  Construction skill of floor paint in garage driving lane:

  (1) The entrance slope of underground car park is relatively large, so the skid-proof requirement of the ground is very high. In this request, the clean-up ramp grass-roots, must be the grass-roots surface of the oil, dust, gravel and other clean and clean, and potholes defects, pits and holes are handled perfect.

  (2) for the bottom of the construction, spraying primer material, such effect can make the ground closed pores, make the whole ground concrete firmly. This also facilitates the next construction of the base. The second is to increase the compression effect, the pressure layer is used in the yellow skid resistance material, this layer will be partially exposed, as the ramp line department

  (3) on the ground to draw the auxiliary grid line, planning the position and shape of the ramp line, and finally in the planning of the ramp line position to paste the beautiful paper.

  Parking garage parking area

  Parking garages can take a lot of pressure, when the car is parked for a long time, the ground floor needs to withstand the heavy pressure of the car, epoxy self-leveling floor is the most intimate choice, epoxy self-leveling floor coating is not only solvent-free coating, but also has the compressive resistance and endurance. Parked car body on the ground pressure will be significantly increased, long time parking on the ground to the pressure requirements also increased. At this time as a professional floor paint manufacturers of Wei Dragon local conditions, using epoxy self-leveling floor for your trouble, this material is not only solvent-free coating, in resistance and patience have a strong effect.

  Construction skills of floor paint for parking spaces in garage

  (1) Cleaning and cleaning the base surface with high-pressure water gun to clean the ground, clear the ground oil and other impurities, if there are potholes, holes and so also to deal with.

  (2) Primer with roller coating or scraping piece for coating, coating should be thin and evenly, coated with shiny, matte (rough cement ground) in due course to fill.

  (3) The middle-level construction method, first the solvent-free coating agent fully stirred evenly, and then the proportion of the main agent, hardening Agent mixed, fully stirred evenly. The hardening agent should be poured into the center of the bucket with the main agent to avoid mixing the material. Stir, add the right amount of fine quartz powder (or talcum powder), fully stir evenly, pour on the ground, and with a batch of knives to complete a layer of coated mortar sand hole to make the surface smooth. In the construction, remove the big bubble with the tooth tip and pick out the coarse-grained impurities. If the batch is not flat, or too smooth, long interval (such as: 3 days or more), you need to harden the dry after a comprehensive grinding to vacuum cleaner. According to the actual situation on the ground, if the surface of the first putty layer is not smooth enough, it needs to increase the construction of the second putty.

  (4) The next step is to the main agent to fully stir evenly, and then the hardening agent to the main agent in the middle of the bucket poured, to avoid material mixing unevenness. Fully stir evenly after spraying with special spraying machine or using high-quality drum brushing construction. When the construction of sand particles to remove impurities immediately removed, stirring drum paint if the state of hardening, must stop using and at any time to replace the stirring bucket. Surface paint construction is generally divided into two processes: the first road for scraping to remove impurities and as a coloring layer;

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