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Construction Flow Of Floor Paint
Sep 19, 2017

  Construction flow of floor paint

  (1) Basic treatment: grinding the ground with a grinder and cleaning the vacuum. For the construction of the target can not be the new project just finished, so that it can be dried for about one months before the construction of floor paint. It is also very important to deal with the ground surface of the construction site. For example, just decorated the site, the ground will certainly have a lot of debris, and even masonry, including the use of a long time of the plant, there will be a lot of dust, these are to care clean, for the construction of floor paint to provide a clean environment, This will allow the floor paint and the surface of the full adhesion.

  (2) Scraping epoxy primer: Scraping epoxy permeable sealing primer to increase the adhesion of the paint layer. Because the surface of the space is uneven, some rough places will have a large number of gaps or small holes, these will affect the construction effect of floor paint, then the surface treatment of the floor after cleaning, but also need to apply epoxy sealed bottom coating, in order to achieve the role of Airtight gap.

  (3) Batch Leveling Putty layer: Batch Two leveling putty layer, to better fill the ground. In the purchase of the floor paint its characteristics, although very good, but in order to make it more powerful characteristics, we need to add a certain amount of diluent to allow it to penetrate the surface layer to increase its penetration resistance.

  (4) Rolling surface paint layer: After mixing the material evenly, with the rolling tong evenly coated two times wear-resistant topcoat layer.

  (5) The completed maintenance can be put into operation after one week. The process of construction and solidification will emit a certain amount of volatile organic matter, but the cost is relatively low, and solventless epoxy flooring coatings in line with the concept of environmental protection, no volatile organic emissions.

  Precautions for construction of floor paint

  The general coating, almost all made of synthetic resin, the synthetic resin coating must use ketone, alcohol, ester or other aromatic hydrocarbons, such as low ignition point solvent as diluent, solvent vapor evaporation is the coating operation caused by the outbreak and fire and other dangerous accidents of the main reason.

  Because of the volatile solvents and lipid-soluble, can be absorbed through the respiratory organs and skin, and its slow defecation, can cause the anus dirty function to reduce, serious, causing cirrhosis, kidney function decline, proteinuria and other phenomena.

  The above is about the floor paint construction process and the introduction of matters of attention, I hope to be able to do the floor paint to help. In addition, the small series also need to remind you that we should not only pay attention to its construction process, but also to improve the product storage environment cleanliness, so this is closely related to the construction quality.

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