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Building Paint Have Decorative Functions
Sep 19, 2017

  Building paint have decorative functions, protection functions and living improvement. The proportion of the various functions varies depending on the purpose of use. The decorative function is the function of improving the appearance value through the beautification of the building. Mainly including the plane color, pattern and gloss of the concept of design and design of the three-dimensional pattern design. But with the shape of the building itself and the size and shape of the substrate itself to match, to fully play out.

  Protection is a function that protects buildings from environmental influences and damage. Different types of protected body requirements for the protection of the content is also different. Such as indoor and outdoor coating required to achieve the difference between the indicators is great. Some buildings have special requirements for mold, fire, heat insulation, corrosion resistance and so on.

  The improvement of living is mainly for indoor painting, is to help improve the living environment functions, such as sound insulation, sound-absorbing coating of the role and its classification, anti-condensation and so on.

  The role of paint for the decoration and protection, to protect the surface of the coated objects to prevent the outside from the light, oxygen, chemicals, solvents and other erosion, improve the service life of the coating; paint finishing material surface, change its color, Gloss, texture, etc., to improve the aesthetic value of the object.

  First, mainly to the use of paint products as the main line, supplemented by the main film material classification method. The coating products are divided into three main categories: Building paint, industrial coatings and general coatings and auxiliary materials.

  Second, in addition to Building paint, the main coating products to the main film-forming material as the main line, and appropriate supplemented by the main use of the product classification method. The coating products are divided into two main categories: Building paint, other coatings and auxiliary materials.

  In the above two classification methods, are Building paint are divided into wall paint, waterproof coating, floor coatings and functional Building paint.

  Building paint: Coatings painted in buildings, decorative buildings or protected buildings, collectively referred to as Building paint.

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