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Acceptance Standard And Maintenance Suggestion Of Epoxy Floor Paint
Sep 19, 2017

  Acceptance standard and maintenance suggestion of epoxy floor paint

  Epoxy floor paint is high-quality and high requirements of products, use epoxy floor paint to do a good job of epoxy flooring, its acceptance criteria is what?

  1, the surface is not sticky phenomenon.

  2, the surface does not have the knife traces, leveling good and no seams.

  3, allow small particles in the air to cause minimal defects.

  4, mortar non-slip surface effect is obvious, no volatile organic matter, widely used in modern industrial flooring coating.

  5, the appropriate temperature is about 25 degrees, construction after three days of ground work, hardness needs to reach the curing of about 80%.

  6, flat-coated, mortar-type no bubbles, self-leveling ground allows 10 square inside a small bubble.

  7, the floor is not fat, uniform color, large area of the excuse to allow a small color.

  8, the ground smooth, glossy, flat coated with light, water half light or no light.

  Epoxy floor paint in the use of the process needs very good maintenance, not only to extend the use, but also to effectively maintain the ground as new.

  The concrete suggestions for the maintenance of epoxy floor paint are as follows:

  1, into the plant staff need to change to rubber soles shoes, so as to avoid the outside of the sediment on the floor damage.

  2, heavy machinery in the turn need to pay attention to the machine board corner Scratch ground.

  3, the use of long time caused by wear or scraping, can be local repair, if large area can be rolled again.

  4. The wheel of trolley or cart can be used with elastic rubber wheel inside and outside the plant.

  5. Generally new flooring can be used after 10 days to avoid water or other solutions from falling to the ground.

  6, when cleaning the ground with soft water absorbent good wet and dry vacuum cleaners, such as oily sludge can be selected clean or cleaning agent.

  7, can also be based on the ground requirements for waxing treatment.

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